My daughter Eliana Strongin started Sunshine Daycare on September 2013. I like the atmosphere in Sunshine daycare. I was invited to come and join the learning process. The teachers and and teacher’s assistants are taking good care of all the children and are very professional. My daughter likes to attend sunshine daycare and has made plenty of new friends. The children participate in different shows and trips. The daycare is family oriented, the teachers and the director of the daycare are always available and the parents can always address their needs regarding their children to them.



Marina Bromberg - Eliana's Mom

I am Victoria Des Vignes, a bilingual school psychologist at PS 253 and the mother of Sophia and Justin Des Vignes. Based on my own personal experiences, the children are kept engaged and challenged during the day in all the domains of their development. Together parents and fully dedicated staff work hard to create for Sunshine children a positive first school experience. My daughter was also accepted into the gifted and talented program. I would highly recommend Sunshine UPK program to anyone willing to enhance their child’s learning experience.


Victoria Des Vignes - bilingual school psychologist

As a happy mother of two children Jessica and Michelle Raykher I would like to give a big thank you to all the teachers at Sunshine Daycare. Our children are becoming mature, smart and educated in different areas mostly because of the team at Sunshine and the the help of families. Mila is very intelligent, smart, professional and compassionate toward the children and she deserves a lot of respect and appreciation. I recommend Sunshine Daycare to all my friends and all good people.

T. Kohut - Jessica & Michelle's Mom

We love Sunshine. Our son attended from 2-6 years old. The field trips were amazing!

Anastasia - Misha's Mom

There is nothing better than knowing your child is safe and happy while you are away. Our son spent 3 years at sunshine. We love the staff.

The Penella Family